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USA SHOFT Launched as ‘CINCH’

US distributors OrthoMechanics LLP have launched their website and have chosen CINCH as the new name for SHOFT ( in the US market. CINCH will become increasingly available from retailers across the US market with 2 signed up already.

The website will be the centre of a press release coming out shortly by OrthoMechanics LLP

Shortly all US sales will be distributed through OrthoMechanics which is likely to serve the 35m vehicles with the award winning device. Plans are in place to gain medical device status and so will then be prescribed by primary health physicians and be covered by most health insurance plans.

SHOFT Customer Review After 1 Year of Use

Roger, a SHOFT customer not only reviewed SHOFT but also measured the slouch before he used the device… showing just how much we slip down during normal driving. In addition he also states that he no longer gets back pain and can drive further in comfort with SHOFT attached to his seat belt. His video review link is below… well worth watching. It might just lead to you having thousands of comfortable hours driving and prevent back problems. #posture #car #cool #cargadgets #caraccessory #carsafety #carcomfort #gifts  #carholidays #jayleno #richardhammond #healthandsafety #cargift #freecarmag #chrisevans #spine #cargift #backpain #backache #pregnantdriving #boosterseats #rospa #comfortdriving #autocar #boosterseat #childbooster #RoSPA #autoexpress #coolgadget #birthdaygift #EuroNCAP #antibacterial #mrsa #seatbelttongue #seatbelt #comfort #saferseatbelt #slack #noslack #backspecialist #ergonomics #drive #chiropractor #osteopath #physiotherapist #giftideas #fathersday #carmods #petrolhead #drivebackhappy #cinch #itsacinch #carmodifications 

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USA Partners Signed Up

SHOFT has been fully researched and the due diligence revealed a great opportunity for 2 US based entrepreneurs based in Boston MA. Under the partnership, OrthoMechanics LLC has been registered solely to import, market and sell the medical device. The US team decided to name the product CINCH in the US marketplace and have trademarks to cover a variety of streamlines and branded IP.

One of the most exciting opportunities for the US investors is to apply for Medical Device Status as the evidence strongly suggests that the CINCH device will lead to a huge reduction in back pain and lost days of productivity for the millions of drivers using the US roads.

CEO of UK Retail Giant JML Signs Up SHOFT

“I can see huge potential for this invention… I predict big things for SHOFT and its inventors” Ken Daly CEO of JML
When Graham & Ron presented their novel invention to Ken Daly, he was impressed, saying that just about everyone who drives a car is a customer for SHOFT… thats about 1Bn people worldwide.
He decided to add SHOFT to his highly successful in-store video retail business because it does need a bit of explaining before people realise “I need one of these” and the in-store video is the ideal way to get the essential points across.
Watch out for SHOFT all over the UK in stores soon!

How To Fit Your SHOFT… and why you need one

Simple 59s video showing how you fit a SHOFT in 2 seconds and why you need to keep the lap belt low on the pelvis with tension… a loose lap belt compromises safety and leads to poor posture…


Press Release: invention to zap driver’s backache makes it to TV show

RELEASED: London, UK May 10th 2018

Does your back ache after sitting behind the wheel for long? If so, you are amongst the vast majority of drivers and the chances are you’re not sitting or wearing your seatbelt correctly.

Worryingly, new figures suggest that most of us don’t wear our seatbelts in the way in which they were designed and safety-tested. A recent independently validated survey[i]revealed that more than 90% of drivers don’t sit in the healthiest sitting position and most ‘wear’ their seat belts with slack in the belt, compromising safety.  Being in a moving vehicle in this ‘slouched’ position puts strain on the supportive muscles of the lower back, often leading to back pain.

Several studies have found a link between driving and back problems with people who drive for a living being statistically more likely to suffer[ii]. Back pain affects an estimated four out of five UK adults (80%)[iii]at some point in life, costs the NHS more than £1.3 million per day[iv]and, together with neck and muscle pain, accounted for 31 million lost working days in the UK in 2013[v].

New solution

Now SHOFT, a simple, palm-sized device that takes just two seconds to fit on to your seatbelt, could put an end to those troublesome twinges. The product is one of many that appear on Channel 4 series Buy It Now where inventors and sellers of new products have just 90 seconds to demonstrate their item in the hope of securing a potentially life-changing order with a national retailer.

SHOFT addresses the main cause of backache in drivers by helping to keep the spine aligned with the seat back. It does this by eliminatingthe slack that naturally creeps into the seatbeltas the journey progresses. When you buckle [...]

SHOFT Exhibiting at Driver Instructor Show 29th April

Dr Graham Cox is leading a workshop on healthy driving at the 2nd annual Driver Instructor Show.  Inventors Ron and Graham will also have a trade stand at the show so do come along and say hello.

SHOFT Gets Top Rating From Pregnant Mums

SHOFT was reviewed by ‘Prima Baby & Pregnancy’ Magazine and gained a top 5* rating.  Mums know that the lap belt can ‘ride up’ off the pelvis onto the ‘bump’ and the thought of what might happen in an accident is unimaginable.  

BUGS On Your Tongue?

  All SHOFTs have built in antibacterial from BioMaster that stop bugs from growing.