Interview with Graham Cox On Canalside Radio

Here is some information about Canalside Radio – taken from their website:

Canalside Community Radio began broadcasting on 102.8fm full time on the 4th of December 2008.

The brainchild of Nick Wright, Canalside Community Radio was founded in April 2004 with the assistance of fellow Bollington residents Chris Heathcote, Eddie and Christine Walmsley, Alan Firth and Gail Wright.

In February 2008 an application was made to OFCOM for a permanent broadcasting licence. To this end a permanent 5 year broadcasting license was issued and the station went live on air Thursday 4th December 2008. A successful application to extend the broadcasting license for another 5 years was granted in August 2013.

In Autumn of 2012, Canalside teamed up with Make It Macclesfield to form Canalside’s The Thread, combining website and fm radio to bring the biggest and best guide to what’s going on in Macclesfield.

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Talking Shoft

In this chat, Graham Cox gives an overview of the Shoft


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Get Your SHOFT Before The Launch

We produced our first 1,000 SHOFTs from our R&D moulding tool and they sold out in less than a week! So we are now gearing up for a production tool and need your help.  If you pledge £25 we will send you one of the first ever production SHOFT packs (2 in a pack). So you’ll not only get yours first but the pledge you made is considerably less than the price when they go on sale.  In addition you’ll be helping us get to market with this great little award winning product.

See more on how to make your pledge by following us on Facebook today.

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SHOFT Packaging

SHOFT is packaged in an attractive ‘2 pack’ and will be available in ORANGE (with black brake pad) and BLACK (with orange brake pad).

SHOFT Sponsor of the UK Charity

We are pleased to do our bit to further the understanding, prevention and treatment of back pain.  We donate to the UK charity BackCare because we want to help people to get healthier backs and therefore have a happier life.

See more about the Charity at


Latest Video

Watch this to see how SHOFT can save your back… and maybe even save your life!


Now got over 3,700 followers on Facebook!

We’re getting there!  Thanks to you, we now are getting some traction and attention.  You can’t keep a good product down and so we’re looking to get 5,000 in a few months as we roll out new media information…

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Facebook Page

Please see our Facebook page for updates, hints and tips for better posture and to connect with us!

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SHOFT in 60 seconds… fun retro advert

A fun 60 seconds that presents SHOFT in a retro style with great big band music.

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Shoft videos

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