Apart from the great press reviews, we’ve many, many testimonials from back specialists and customers…

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Top Back Specialist Dr Brad Lustick


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“Tried it myself, love it! Gave it to my mum to try and she is very impressed!”

Zahir Chaudhary (BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), ND, M Ost Sports. Zahir is an Injuries Specialist & registered Osteopath.



“Towards the end of my 15 years professional rugby career I suffered with several back injuries which were not down to playing rugby but unfortunately the long drive before and after training. The main injury sustained was a bulging disk and I certainly put this down to poor posture whilst driving.  Since using the SHOFT product I can say with great confidence that my posture has improved and my back feel so much better for using it.  A big thank to for Dr Graham Cox and the team!!”

adam balding

 Adam Balding, ex-English rugby union player and 2015 Rugby World Cup Events Coordinator.




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“You can tell an immediate difference in that your seat belt feels more secure. I have also noticed that Ella (5 year old) sits with her seat belt more firmly in place over her booster seat.”

Sarah Goodall MA. BA (Hons). Dip.SW.
MD at Risk Consultancy & Training – Safeguarding Children & Adults




“I find it very comfortable to drive with my SHOFT fitted and it has made me much more aware of my posture. My muscles and joints need all the help they can get to enable me to live as normal life as possible, doing the things I enjoy for as long as possible. SHOFT has certainly made a very positive difference.”

Alexandra Nolan, Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer

“I have felt a real difference since using my SHOFT as I am kept in a good seating position and am not putting any unwanted pressure on my already very painful back. I never expected SHOFT to stop the pain completely but I can feel the benefits from using it. As a driving instructor I spend most my days swapping seats but with SHOFT its so easy to change from one to the other in less time it takes for my pupil to get in the car. Thanks!”

Guy Pennington, a driving instructor for the AA. In August 2012 Guy was involved in a rear end crash and as a result has 5 bulging discs from L1 to S1 which was cause him considerable pain.

“Best thing I’ve bought for my car. I don’t get backache when driving now.  I suffer with osteoporoses and used to end up in bed after driving to my mum’s in North Wales… since buying the SHOFT seatbelt adjuster i’m not in any more pain as i’m sitting properly and am in the right driving position. Thank you for an amazing product.”

Trisha Hughes, osteoporosis sufferer

george anderson2“SHOFT? Fantastic!  Yes I have a SHOFT on my seatbelt and it really does hold you more securely without feeling restrictive!”

George Anderson, health & fitness writer for Men’s Health Magazine






“My drive back to Seville consists of two days driving, each of about 10 hours, something which can be extremely tiring, in a small car. Using SHOFT, this time, really did make a difference, especially through France.

My first impression was one of greater security, because I was held, sitting well back into the seat. This did not affect my general mobility, as the shoft was across my pelvis, so waist upwards was completely free. When a seatbelt rides up and you slip forward, this can affect general mobility, because you have to push yourself up and back into the driver’s seat -something that can get tiring.

I also found that I was driving for longer than normal, before stopping, because I was more comfortable, and there was no backache at all. I had to make a conscious effort to stop regularly!

Once across the border in Spain, stopping in the Basque country for the night – again, no backache at all. Other parts a little, but even there, only a little. Next morning, I was not stiff at all. Another 10 hours across Spain, and the morning after I got back, again, no backache.”

Annie Vile,  Seville, Andalucía region, Spain.  Peugeot 106.



“After installing SHOFT in the vehicle I can attest to its ability to hold the lap and shoulder belt securely in place thus helping the driver maintain safe optimal postural ergonomics in the seat. This is an innovative device that should be installed in all vehicles. Automotive seat belt manufacturers would be wise to integrate the SHOFT for improved safety and driver comfort.

Aleyna Sheradha, Founder and Chief Instructor STAMINA Academy

“Fitting my SHOFT was very straight forward and once installed, it was secure and did not budge. I’ve found that I can get the lap belt quite firm and I definitely notice that there is practically no movement or creep of the belt and I’m held firmly in place. This is great for my back as I have a tendency to slouch when I’m sitting down at a desk and when I’m driving. The SHOFT itself is grippy and soft and a pleasure to use.”

Ken Lau, 42, in a BMW 5 Series.

“SHOFT is amazing – this little bit of kit makes a big difference to how safe & secure you feel in your seat. It holds the seatbelt in place and makes you sit up properly, so your back doesn’t hurt after a long drive.  SHOFT is brilliant if you have fidgety kids who won’t stop messing about with their seat belts. It keeps the seatbelt exactly where it should be, which obviously keeps the kids safer.”

Lara Harragin, businesswoman and busy mother of 2 driving a Land Rover

Lisa testimonial shift

“I used to get a aching lower back whilst driving, especially on long journeys. I have a Suzuki Swift, which is a small car, but I am small myself at 5’3″, but I still found myself slipping further into the seat the longer the journey took. But a friend of mine recommended the SHOFT gadget, because it had helped his back problems. I have to say that since fitting the SHOFT, I do not suffer from an aching back when I am driving any more Thanks…”

Lisa Hall, Mortgage Adviser In Camberley Surrey


Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 20.46.26“My wife,  17 year old son and I have all just trialled the Shoft for just over 1800 miles to go skiing in Austria. Although initially cynical of ‘yet another’ device to help back pain suffers, we have all been really very impressed by this device which significantly reduces ‘lap belt creep’ which in turn holds you back in your seat and helps maintain your correct posture. It achieves this without affecting the chest belt and the necessary movements for  both drivers and passengers.

It’s easy to install and unnoticeable once secured…. In fact, it is only noticeable once you remove it and drive for a while.

Personally,  I feel the safety aspect is as important as the comfort it provides. By keeping the lap belt down on your pelvis you reduce the serious abdominal trauma we see following road traffic accidents where seat belts that have ridden up across the abdomen or chest as people slump down in their seats. This may also reduce the effect of children playing with their seat belts during trips which reduce their effectiveness in collisions. Finally, children travelling in car seats will be even more secure as the seat belt tension is further maintained throughout the journey.
A simple and effective device to make motoring safer and more comfortable for the whole family.”

Ian Harrison DAIR. DO. MSc
Principal Osteopath and Acupuncturist. Physical Balance Ltd.  www.physicalbalance.com
Lecturer. London School of Osteopathy, Medical Research. University of Oxford


Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 20.49.21“I drove home late last night and noticed my back was flat against the back of my seat for the entire 45 minute journey. It was strange as I do not recall this sensation before. It was both supportive and relaxing. In other words, it worked. Great!”

Budd Margolis, driving a Mercedes… February 2018



I’d say SHOFT has been ‘life transforming’. Suffering with arthritis, I used to get a bad back on my regular trips around the country but since fitting my SHOFT I look forward to driving again. The bright colour makes it much easier to locate when buckling up. A wonderful invention. Thanks!”

Su Simmons, SKODA Roomster driver. February 2018

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“Just want to say that I recently tried SHOFT with my kids – excellent for keeping the seat belt in the right position for them in their booster seats in my little Fiat 500. My husband uses his every day and thinks its much more comfortable having the SHOFT in than not having it, especially on long journeys that he has to do for work. He’s had a back problem in the past and by using SHOFT, thinks its so much better for his posture. Definitely recommend.”

Liz Pilgrim, Owner Babye Boutique


Robin Burby “I was initially dubious over the benefits of SHOFT, it being such a small device, and thinking that I already have a good seating position whilst driving, BUT it really does make a difference!
With only a couple of minor habit adjustments when initially sitting and connecting my seat belt, I’m now feeling more secure, with a taller posture which undoubtedly benefits my back and pelvis on my longer drives. I am lucky enough not to have a back problem and I’d like to keep it that way, and a simple device like SHOFT can help.
The safer diving position is also great for peace of mind, and will certainly help to prevent submarining under the belt for head-on collisions.
My patients with back problems who drive a lot could definitely benefit from SHOFT and I will certainly be recommending it to them.” 

The Chinese Medicine Sanctuary


“I have suffered with a bad back for many years and driving has been one of the causes of the aggravation. Long journeys end in discomfort, so I was very keen to try the product. I have been trialling SHOFT in a varety of vehicles which include a Mitsubishi Shogun, Skoda Yeti, Lotus Elise and Toyota Avensis. Some of the journeys have been between 3 and 4 hours long without a break. Since using SHOFT I have had no discomfort while driving and SHOFT has become indispensable.”

Peter Trott, performance driver and motoring expert.

“I’m a tall guy and I’m always trying to find ways of driving which guard against back pain. I’ve been using SHOFT for a few weeks now and it’s really helped with my back. Time was I’d be constantly having to shift myself back into the back of the seat to keep my spine from slumping and aching. Or worse, I’d forget to do that at all and end up feeling it after a long journey. Ouch! Now I’m held in place the whole time and I’m not having to work at avoiding back ache while driving. Nice one!”

Matthew Sanger, driving a Daihatsu Terios (see www.VoiceTastic.co.uk)

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 20.32.01“I fitted a SHOFT about a month ago and they are fantastic! Both my wife and I find them make the journey much more comfortable and noticeably less back ache after a long trip. We bought another one for our daughter who is in a booster seat.  She loves it and feels more secure… no tipping or rocking! Highly recommended.”

Tony Toks Akiwumi driving a Nissan Pathfinder


Guy Hodgson close up lo res“It does a cracking job of keeping you in your seat… especially good on steep descents where you tend to slip down in the seat unless the SHOFT is fitted. Can’t fault it… a very good idea”

Guy Hodgson, Land Rover Experience team (tested on a Range Rover Evoque off road)



“My Husband who is disabled has used a SHOFT for several months now. It has improved his posture in the car, as he is held securely and cannot slump in the seat as he used to.”

Jennifer Davis, Ford Mondeo driver

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 08.16.32‘I was really surprised how much I could notice SHOFT straight away and it’s definitely changed my driving position for the better – such a simple idea yet so effective.  Well done SHOFT!’

Sig Watkins, Mini Cooper S Driver, Director of Fit PR 





richard scrivener

“It’s very easy to install and offers a good level of support to posture in the driving position without being invasive on comfort or distracting to driving. So all-in-all it seems to me that SHOFT is a very effective and useful tool.”

Richard Scrivener,  Innovator, health fitness and wellbeing professional


“You really feel the benefit after a long drive with SHOFT”

Dr Rosario Albanese, Driving  a Citroen C Crossover



IMG_8748“I fitted my SHOFT a month after suffering from back problems, specifically my lower back. Over the last 6 months I have noticed a definite improvement especially after long journeys.”

Huyshe Yateman-Biggs, Driving a Jeep






Screenshot 2018-10-16 11.40.08

“SHOFT really is easy to install.  The seat belt fits securely and it’s immediately noticeable how much better your seating position is.”