SHOFT, the clever little award winning device that helps us sit in a healthier and safer position in our cars has featured on QVC TV and soon to be on the Channel 4 hit show ‘Buy It Now!’

In this short video co-inventor and car-wellbeing author Dr Graham Cox demonstrates how to install a SHOFT and explains why we should all install this device to protect our backs and keep us sitting comfortably in our vehicles.

SHOFT installs in 2 seconds and is ideal for everyone who spends time in their vehicle, including commuters and fleet drivers and even expectant Mums… all who want to be more comfortable when driving and avoid back problems. This device has been tested and reviewed by all the big car magazines and many Mums blog sites… all have given SHOFT a huge ‘thumbs up’ – maximum 5 star reviews all the way.

SHOFT has been designed and recommended by top back specialists and ergonomics experts.