FOX News Review ‘Great British Invention’ – 5*

Fox News reported on a review of SHOFT and introduced it to the USA (well, some of them!).  This led to a flurry of interest and orders from US citizens and opened up just a little more of the huge potential SHOFT has in making car journey’s more comfortable.

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BabyWorld Readers Rate SHOFT

Readers of the on-line forum and magazine for mothers in the UK Baby World have given a big THUMBS UP for the ‘Revolutionary’ SHOFT

Sophiloo12 wrote ‘I would recommend it to anyone who also travels a lot or is concerned about their posture’

Nutsandbump wrote ‘When in use the SHOFT keeps the lap part of the belt tight but comfortable prevent the seat belt from slipping and loosening, and in my partners case kept his lower back in the seat preventing him from slouching down in to a bad position and then ending up with back ache’.

Chebs13 wrote ‘The main benefit I noticed with the SHOFT is that I no longer slouched during journeys as the belt was kept too tight to be able to do this’.

Thank you Baby World

You can see the whole review here:



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SHOFT, the clever little award winning device that helps us sit in a healthier and safer position in our cars has featured on QVC TV and soon to be on the Channel 4 hit show ‘Buy It Now!’ In this short video co-inventor and car-wellbeing author Dr Graham Cox demonstrates how to install a SHOFT and explains why we should all install this device to protect our backs and keep us sitting comfortably in our vehicles.

Great Sitting Advice from

See how to sit comfortably and healthily from the back experts  But to maintain this sitting position you’ll need a SHOFT fitted because if you don’t you’ll probably end up slipping down an inch or 2… putting strain onto your protective back muscles…


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BRAKE Safety Award Finalist

SHOFT made the finals to the 2014 BRAKE safety awards final 2015. Click HERE for more info.



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New Install Video – 45 seconds

Kemet Radio Interview

In this interview, Graham talks to the mid morning presenter Christine

Nottingham’s only urban radio station 97.5 Kemet FM.

97.5 KEMET FM launched onto the airwaves on January 27th 2007

Nottingham’s first Official Urban Radio Station was born out of the need for a licensed media establishment to serve the needs of the African and Caribbean communities of Nottingham and surrounding areas, whilst bringing together communities from across the city to engage in debate and enjoy a variety of music styles and cultural entertainment.

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Get Your SHOFT Before The Launch

We produced our first 1,000 SHOFTs from our R&D moulding tool and they sold out in less than a week! So we are now gearing up for a production tool and need your help.  If you pledge £25 we will send you one of the first ever production SHOFT packs (2 in a pack). So you’ll not only get yours first but the pledge you made is considerably less than the price when they go on sale.  In addition you’ll be helping us get to market with this great little award winning product.

See more on how to make your pledge by following us on Facebook today.

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SHOFT Packaging

SHOFT is packaged in an attractive ‘2 pack’ and will be available in ORANGE (with black brake pad) and BLACK (with orange brake pad).

SHOFT Sponsor of the UK Charity

We are pleased to do our bit to further the understanding, prevention and treatment of back pain.  We donate to the UK charity BackCare because we want to help people to get healthier backs and therefore have a happier life.

See more about the Charity at