Military Fitness 4U Ltd has teamed up with SHOFT after founder & COO Jay Jones (on the right in picture) tried out the device in his Range Rover Evoque and found it was just the sort of device his instructors should be telling their students about.  “This device is a no brainer for anyone spending time in their car” said Jay, ex-military trainer & fitness expert.  “For good posture whilst driving the question people should be asking is ‘why wouldn’t you fit a SHOFT?’… as it really does help ensure that great S shape in the lower back.  It’s so simple to fit and I’m telling all my instructors all  over the UK to get one fitted to their cars.”  Ron & Graham (left & centre in the photo) are keen to sign up fitness experts to showcase SHOFT and the response from them has been great.  “SHOFT was developed by back experts” says Graham the MD of TUTCH Designs Ltd, the UK company that has brought SHOFT to market, “…so its not surprising that back specialists, Personal Trainers, wellness professionals, gyms & leisure clubs want to tell their clients/patients all about the award winning device”.