SHOFT Exhibiting at Driver Instructor Show 29th April

Dr Graham Cox is leading a workshop on healthy driving at the 2nd annual Driver Instructor Show.  Inventors Ron and Graham will also have a trade stand at the show so do come along and say hello.

SHOFT Gets Top Rating From Pregnant Mums

SHOFT was reviewed by ‘Prima Baby & Pregnancy’ Magazine and gained a top 5* rating.  Mums know that the lap belt can ‘ride up’ off the pelvis onto the ‘bump’ and the thought of what might happen in an accident is unimaginable.  

BUGS On Your Tongue?

  All SHOFTs have built in antibacterial from BioMaster that stop bugs from growing.

FOX News Review ‘Great British Invention’ – 5*

Fox News reported on a review of SHOFT and introduced it to the USA (well, some of them!).  This led to a flurry of interest and orders from US citizens and opened up just a little more of the huge potential SHOFT has in making car journey’s more comfortable.

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